Explore the Growing reCommerce and Subscription Market With a Rental Business.

Participate in the growing reCommerce and subscription market and explore new ways of growing your business while focusing on your core competencies.
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Future-Proof Your Business by Discovering Opportunities in the Circular Economy.

Develop a New Business Model Within Months.

Business model innovation can be fast and cost efficient. Launch a new, sustainable business model within months with us.

Explore New Ways of Growing Your Business.

Participate in the growing reCommerce and subscription market. Don't miss the trend and be fast with circuly.

Stay Focused On Your Core Competencies.

Accelerate the launch process and reduce complexities by working with circuly and staying focused on your core competencies.

Integrate With Your Existing IT.

Felix Raab from Stokke - a circuly customer
"circuly's API is very flexible and gets all our legacy systems working with it, so we can integrate the rental model in our existing IT infrastructure."
Felix Raab
Business Model Innovation Lead

Get Started With a Circular Business Model.

Can't seem to figure out what goes into your new subscription model and how to get started? Don't worry, we do.

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circuly Makes Launching a Subscription Model Easy.

Fast Go-To-Market.

Launch quickly and cost-efficiently within just a few months to scale your subscription offer up to 30% month over month.

Minimal Opportunity Costs.

Focus on your core business and let circuly help you launch a subscription model - no internal knowledge and resources required.


Reduce the complexity and risk of launching a new subscription business model with expert support at every step.

The 6 Pillars of a Subscription Business.

Creating a seamless, digital customer journey for subscriptions involves several touch points - we call them the 6 pillars of a subscription business. circuly supports you along the whole subscription journey.

Website/reCommerce Shop.

Integrate circuly with your existing shop or leverage our partner network to create a new one from scratch.

Seamless Customer Journey.

circuly's reCommerce modules are designed to create a seamless customer journey which is key to success for a rental business.

A Platform for Operations.

circuly's easy-to-use web application creates rental-ready processes for shop and ERP systems.

Integration With Existing Systems.

circuly integrates with the most common systems and tools standard to the eCommerce setup.

Product Refurbishing and Repair.

Track product return and repairs through your existing reverse logistics processes or outsource them to another provider. We're flexible.

Risk Mitigation for Subscription Fraud.

Prevent and decrease the risk of subscription fraud through an integrated solution for credit checks and chargebacks.

Focus On Your Customers - circuly Does the Rest.

"We recommend circuly to other business because circuly is flexible and can adapt to the business needs of different businesses."
Rolf Smeding
Director of Business Development

Get Inspired.  

Get started by calculating the ROI for your product subscription business. Leverage our expertise with this business case template.

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Choose Your Desired Path and Launch Like a Pro.

Illustration of launching a rental business as a pilot

Pilot Project.

Launch your subscription model detached from your everyday business and learn about the demand, product quality and user behaviour with your products. Ready to go live in 3-5 months.
Illustration of launching a subscription business with existing tools

Fully Intergrated Rollout.

Integrate the subscription model directly into your existing commerce world (online shop, ERP, Logistics, accounting, etc.). circuly helps you scale your product subscription model.

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