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How Stokke Successfully Launched a Rental Business for Tripp Trapp Accessories With circuly.

What does it take to launch a new business model and transition the entire company towards circularity? Download the success story to get inspired by Stokke's journey and read more about their expectations with their new rental business.
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Felix Raab
"With circuly, we were able to launch our rental pilot within just 4 months"
Felix Raab
“We see circuly as the heart of the solution, and we try to design around it. If we didn’t have circuly we wouldn’t have started the rental project.”
Felix Raab
Business Model Innovation Lead

The Overview of Stokke Start.

The Customer.

Stokke is a Norwegian manufacturer of children’s furniture and accessories. One might recall them for their most famous product: the Tripp Trapp®—adjustable high baby chairs.

The Challenge.

Go beyond the product and production process and instead innovate the business model  itself to become more sustainable. Launch a new business model fast without internal IT resources.

The Solution.

A turnkey solution from circuly to quickly and efficiently launch a new, sustainable, subscription-based business model as a pilot and expertise in launching a circular subscription-based model.

The Benefit.

With circuly's support, Stokke minimised opportunity cost, de-risked the business model, overcame the limitations of their existing ERP and launched a pilot in four months to learn and test results before deciding on a full-market launch.

4 Months to Launch a New Business Model as a Pilot.

Felix Raab
"We needed a solution that would give our customers a perfect customer journey for rentals - and that we found in circuly."
Felix Raab
Business Model Innovation Lead

The Rental Business Model Explained.

Stokke Start.

Stokke has a unique rental offer: they have their famous Tripp Trapp in the centre with Stokke Tripp Trapp accessories as a rental bundle.

Their customers buy a Tripp Trapp and rent the Tripp Trapp accessories. The Tripp Trapp accessories are in a bundle that can be swapped as the child grows.

For a seamless customer journey, customers buying a Tripp Trapp and renting the Tripp Trapp accessories can get them now in one place—on Stokke’s new eCommerce Stokke Start.

Felix Raab
"The circuly team brought in a lot of knowledge about how to set up a solid and scalable subscription model."
Felix Raab
Business Model Innovation Lead

Launching a Circular Business Model.

Stokke's Success Story.

Download the Full Success Story to Learn More About:

  • What were points of opposition from Stokke’s management?
  • Despite the opposition points, how Stokke got the management on board?
  • How circuly supported Stokke in the launch process
  • Market development for subscription-based rental business models.
  • How Stokke measures success: Stokke’s KPI.

circuly Makes Subscription Models Easy.

Fast Go-To-Market.

Launch quickly and cost efficiently within just a few months to scale your subscription offer with up to 30% month over month

Minimal Opportunity Costs.

Focus on your core business and let experts help you to launch a subscription model - no internal knowledge and resources required


Reduce the complexity of launching a new subscription business model  with expert support at every step

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