Product tracking and asset management

360° View of All Your Assets and Products in One Place.

Never lose track of your assets. Using circuly, you always have an overview of where your products are, in what condition they are in and when they will come back.
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Illustration of Illustration of reverse logistics and product refurbising in a rental buisness
Illustration of tracking rental assets and products in a subscription business

Know the Whereabouts of Your Product.

If looking at Excel sheet was fun, people would have them framed. circuly gives you the whereabouts of your products in a much more user-friendly and digestible manner so you don't get anxious doing your everyday business.

Illustration of automating reverse logistics, refurbishment and repair in a subscription business

Automate Product Returns and the Workflow Thereafter.

You don’t have to remember when your products come back because circuly does that for you. circuly automates product returns and the workflows thereafter - from automatically ending a subscription to pushing the product back in stock in your online shop.

Illustration of tracking repair costs in a rental business

Associate Repair Costs to Products.

The digital repair process guides you in answering important repair questions and associate the necesssary repair costs to the product so you can keep track of important subscription specific metrics even on a product level.

Workflows That Just Make Sense and Improve Productivity in a Rental Business.

Add/Remove Products From Stock.

circuly's smart API directly speaks to your Shop System to update the stock, so that you don't have to.

Assign and Track Product Repair Costs.

Optimise product refurbishing by knowing exactly what needed repair and how much it cost.

Customise the Repair Flow.

Make your own repair workflow with custom questions and costs that influence product refurbishing.

Custom Flows for Products.

circuly understands subscriptions and differentiates between rental and bought products with custom processes and workflows.

Track the Commercial KPIs.

circuly keeps tracks of how much revenue you made per product and the repair costs attached to each product.

Automated Digital Return Handling.

circuly tracks the subscription end date and triggers the return workflow without any manual input from your side.

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Focus On Your Customers - circuly Does the Rest.

Timon Beutel, founder of Strollme
"We had a long list of features for our subscription business and found what we were looking for at circuly. circuly works perfectly with our headless Shopify architecture and enables us to concentrate on our customers."
Timon Beutel

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Felix Raab
"The circuly team brought in a lot of knowledge about how to set up a solid and scalable subscription model."
Felix Raab

And See How circuly Can Power Your Subscription Business.

Recurring Billing.

Don't just accept recurring payments, automate them and make them smart for rentals.

Asset Tracking.

Never lose track of your assets. With circuly, you always have a 360° overview.

Reporting and Analytics.

Make data-backed business decisions. Your most relevant KPIs and data points compiled in one dashboard.

Recurring Invoicing.

Your customers get an automatically generated invoice for every transaction, making your bookkeeping easy.