subscription management module.

increase revenue and intensify customer relationships.

having control over your products extended life cycle circuly helps to  increase your revenue, gain control over your product and brand, as well as intensify relationships to your customer.

safe manual labor and scale your renting business.

by fully digitalizing all business operations and integrations to existing CRM, ERM and CMS systems, circuly enables you to save manual labor and to scale your circular business model.

our subscription management platform enables companies to rent out their products.

re-define the contract relationship to your consumer and ensure that you keep the onwership of your products.

consumer onboarding & payment.

seamlessly integrate a customer onboarding and booking solution into your website. Your customer does not have to switch to any other website, but follows your intended funnel.

circuly can integrate your existing payment service provider, e.g. Braintree which supports credit card payments, SEPA, PayPal, GooglePay, ApplePay and SamsungPay. You can dynamically generate and embed your customer contracts and sign them with a digital signature. To secure creditworthiness, circuly provides credit checks via Creditreform and Focum.

subscription order management.

you can assign products for renting, apply your intended  pricing models and determine the whole flow from end of renting, dunning and refurbishing to recycling.

administrate your products & inventory and keep track of your products during the whole life cycle.

customer self-service portal.

end customers get an overview of their products, contracts and due dates for payments. Further, they can change their own details and access a ticketing system which gives you valuable feedback on your products.

our white label solution  allows your end consumers to manage all subscription contract related topics by themselves and save you some time.

subscription metrics analytics.

using the circuly subscription metrics analytics give an overview of both, subscription related product and customer data. This gives valuable insights to your subscription operations.

get information on payment intervals of your customers, renting status of your products.

the benefits.

circuly grows with your business.

scale your circular business model according to your needs with our flexible B2B SaaS solution.

new sources of revenue.

manufacturers can leverage new sources of revenue by setting up a new subscription business model that drives revenue.

flexibly adaptable to all industries.

integrate our white label solution for all B2C products across all industries.

full-service integration.

retailers can digitize their business operations and safe manual labor by leveraging our subscription management platform for the core of their subscription business.

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