Circularity Check: Does a Subscription Model Fit Your Business?

Ask yourself these key questions to discover if a subscription model syncs with your business goals, fostering circularity through resource optimisation and extended product lifecycles.
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Key Questions.

Customer Focus

Do your customers hesitate buying your product due to its high price?

Company Focus

Is your company pursuing environmental or sustainability goals?

Product focus

Do you have a physical product (consumable or durable/long lasting)?
Does your company offer alternatives to owning/purchasing?
Are your products sold on second-hand marketplaces?
Do your products have a high resale value?
Are your products subject to frequent upgrades or replacements?
Do your products face shifts in consumer preferences or evolving technologies?
Do you offer post-sale support or maintenance for your products?
Does your product fit into short-term use, seasonal use, hobby use or occasional use?

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