Launch, Manage and Scale Your Rental, Lease or Subscription Business.

Leverage our know-how to launch a subscription-based business model for your product and deploy our software-as-a-service solution to manage and scale your subscription operations.
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Launch. Manage. Scale.
Your Subscription or Product-As-A-Service Business.

Leverage our know-how to launch a subscription-based business model for your product and deploy our software-as-a-service solution to manage and scale your subscription operations.
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Designed to Power Businesses of All Sizes.

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Rental business for startups


Get your rental business out of the spreadsheet and into a subscription management home. circuly manages, scales and automates your subscription operations to help you unlock subscription growth.
Rental business for enterprise


Discover opportunities in the reCommerce economy by adding a subscription-based business model to your revenue streams. circuly helps you fast-launch a new business model without your internal IT & CRM team.

How circuly Helps You Unlock Subscription Growth.

Fast-Launch a New Subscription-Based Offering.

circuly supports you in innovating your core business, making it circular and fast-launching your new subscription-based business model for a fast market entry.

Overcome the Limitations of Your Existing Systems.

circuly overcomes the complexities created by traditional sales processes and ERPs in a rental business and optimises them for rentals with its sophisticated infrastructure.

Build and Deliver a Seamless Customer Journey for Rentals.

Bring the customer journey you've envisioned to life around your new subscription offering. circuly make renting products as easy as selling them, both for your customers and you.

Integrate circuly With the Best-in-Class  Ecommerce Tools.

Keep your best-in-class ecommerce tools and simply integrate circuly into your existing tech stack to make your tools rental-ready and optimised for subscriptions.

One-Stop Solution for All Your Subscription Business Needs.

circuly provides all the tools and integrations for your product subscription business to grow.

Subscription Management.

Manage all your subscriptions in one software, and keep your tools and databases in sight.

Recurring Billing & Invoicing.

Let circuly make your Payment Service Provider smart and ready for collecting subscription payments.

Product Tracking & Return.

Keep track of your assets in your subscription business. Assess their status and easily manage the returns.

Hosted Checkout & Customer Self-Service.

Implement a no-code checkout and provide subscription transparency to your customers.

Automated Email Communication.

Automates transactional communication and keep your customers informed about their subscriptions without any manual input from your side.

KPI Reporting & Analytics.

Make data-backed decisions and keep track of all subscription relevant data in one dashboard.

Launch a New Business Model as a Pilot.

Felix Raab from Stokke - a circuly customer
"circuly had everything in place we needed to launch our subscription pilot fast and cost-efficiently."
Rolf Smeding
Director of Business Development
Felix Raab from Stokke - a circuly customer
For us running such a subscription business and managing all the subscriptions would be impossible without circuly running in the background.
Franz Crux
Operations & Project Management Lead
Felix Raab from Stokke - a circuly customer
The circuly team brought in a lot of knowledge about how to set up a solid and scalable subscription model.
Franz Crux
Business model innovation lead

The Driver of Your Subscription Journey.

circuly is an API-powered subscription management software for physical products. We make renting products online on a subscription basis as easy as selling them.

Creating Subscription Success Across All Industries.

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