Unmatched Personalisation and Efficiency.

Built to evolve with your growth, our platform equips you with the tools needed to create personalised, lasting connections with your customers.
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Unlock Customer Confidence through Personalisation, Fuelling Lasting Retention for Your Brand

Change Quantity On-The-Go.

Easily modify product quantities, ensuring they match preferences and prevent overstocking or running out.

Flexible Order Scheduling and Delivery Adjustment.

Effortlessly select the perfect order date to align with schedules, ensuring timely product arrivals.

Explore New Products Easily.

Your customers can Effortlessly discover new flavours or options by swapping between products, making the subscription experience exciting.

Skip Deliveries: A Smart Alternative to Cancellation.

Conveniently skip deliveries without altering the schedule, providing savings and maintaining the subscription.

Adaptive Delivery Frequency.

Your customers can easily tailor how often products arrive to match consumption patterns, maximizing convenience.

Effortless Cancellation Process.

Make it easy for your customers to leave when they need to so that they are happy to come back when they want to.

Start Scaling Your Subscription business.

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Focus On Your Customers - circuly Does the Rest.

Illustration of a subscription management software

Subscription Management.

When you don't have to manage your subscriptions in ten different places, growth is not an option but something that just happens. That's the power circuly brings to your subscription business.

illustration of subscription data in a subscription management software

Recurring Billing and Invoicing.

Let the recurring revenue flow in and the invoices flow out without any manual effort from your side.

With circuly, there are no limitations when it comes to payments. Payments can be edited, changed, stopped, renewed, continued and charged with just a click. Did we mention payments can also be fully or partially refunded?

Illustration of automated subscription operations

Localised Taxes and Shipping.

Embrace international growth confidently, knowing that circuly has your back with tailored tax and shipping solutions for a seamless subscription experience worldwide.

illustration of subscription data in a subscription management software

Churn & Dunning Management

Automate the dunning process, saving time and effort in managing failed payments. Our software optimises operations by seamlessly handling payment retries and notifications, ensuring a smooth customer experience

Illustration of automated subscription operations

Reporting and Analytics.

Track everyday subscription KPIs to oversee your business' growth or dive into the data points to build your own custom metrics. With circuly, you have endless possibilities when it comes to data collection and analysis.

Let Our Customers Inspire You.

Felix Raab
"If we didn’t have circuly we wouldn’t have started the rental project."
Felix Raab

4 Months to Launch a New Business Model as a Pilot.

Download the Stokke success story to read more about:

  • Why Stokke launched a subscription model.
  • Points of opposition from the management and how Stokke's innovation team convinced them.
  • Market development for subscription products.
  • Stokke's expectations with their rental pilot.
  • How circuly supported the launch of Stokke's rental pilot.
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Accessible on Familiar Devices for You and Your Customers.

Illustration of launching a rental business as a pilot

Phone Access for Your Customers So They Get the Experience They Are Used To.

The Customer Self-Service Portal can be accessed by your customers on mobile devices.
Illustration of launching a subscription business with existing tools

All Features Available in Your Merchant Environment.

All features that are available in the Self-Service Portal for your customers are also available for the merchant in the circuly Operations Backend.

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