Pioneering a Baby Goods Subscription Service in Germany.

Armed with the vision of leaving a better world behind for their own kids, StrollMe founders, Timon and Sebastian, decided that it was time to challenge the linear consumption of baby products.

But vision alone is not enough. How do you get the customers to resonate with the same vision and accept the circular way of consumption?  
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Parenting, reCommerce


Baby Goods


Sebastian Reichelt & Timon Beutel


StrollMe's Business Model.

A Flexible Alternative to Purchasing.

StrollMe, a German-based e-commerce company, is at the forefront of challenging linear consumption in the parenting industry.

They offer essential products for babies such as strollers, baby accessories, and bikes on a subscription basis and provides a sustainable alternative to traditional ownership models.

"We want to be part of a movement. We want to bring this movement into your everyday life with your child. To bring awareness that we need to start making a change for that very child. To use our resources smarter.”

The Challenge:
Providing a Seamless Subscription Experience to Customers.

In order to have an impact StrollMe wanted to make sure that they not only convey the advantages of moving away from ownership of products but make it easy for the customers to do by providing a seamless subscription experience that is scalable.

But there were a few hurdles along the way.  

#1 No possibility for "buy & rent" in the same cart.

StrollMe aimed to offer a lot of flexibility to their customers and enable them to seamlessly "buy & rent" products within the same customer journey.

❌ However, their current e-commerce solutions lacked support for such a model.

#2 Manual Operations Hindered Scalability.

Without a dedicated solution, StrollMe relied on spreadsheets to monitor their subscriptions. However, once they reached 50 subscriptions, managing operations became significantly more challenging due to the manual effort required, resulting in frequent errors.

❌ It was evident that automation was necessary, but no convenient tool was available to streamline processes effectively.

#3 No Subscription Overview to Facilitate Decision Making.

In the absence of a dedicated solution that could provide a consolidated of all subscriptions, StrollMe couldn't track important subscription KPIs such as revenue per product and customer.

❌ This lack of visibility hindered the ability to make informed business decisions based on comprehensive data analysis.

Timon Beutel, founder of Strollme
"We had a long list of features for our subscription business and found what we were looking for at circuly. circuly works perfectly with our headless Shopify architecture and enables us to concentrate on our customers."
Timon Beutel

The Solution —
A Software Solution Designed for Physical Product Subscriptions.

#1 A White-Label Cart & Checkout.

circuly's white-label cart and checkout solution not only made it possible for StrollMe to provide the flexibility they desired but also gave them the possibility to customise it according to their preferences.

  • ✅ Rent & Sell in the same cart.
  • ✅ Fit to branding.
  • ✅ Custom fields in checkout.
  • ✅ Country based shipping.

#2 Automated Operations & Workflows Facilitate Scalability.

circuly enabled StrollMe to move away from their Spreadsheets and bring their existing subscriptions to the circuly Operations backend where they could truly automate their operations and scale their subscription business.

  • ✅ Automated Billing & Invoicing.
  • ✅ Automated transactional customer communication.
  • ✅ Custom and automated flow for renewals and cancellation.

#3 A Dedicated System For Detailed Subscription Overview.

Due to its API-enabled connection with the shop system and payment service provider, circuly is able to host a wide variety of information related to the subscription, product, customer, payment and more and thus enables StrollMe to have a 360° overview of all information.

  • ✅ Everyday subscription KPIs to oversee your business' growth.
  • ✅ Easy export of a wide variety of data points to be as data driven as you want.

A Journey of 4 Years.

YoY growth
monthly avg. website visitors
€3.6 million
in investment

A word from circuly's founder —

The circuly software solution and the team behind it have supported the circularity of thousands of products and kept them away from landfills.

But the hard work of our customers, like StrollMe, is what’s actually driving all of us towards a more sustainable future.

I'm super thrilled to be working with companies like StrollMe because together we can expedite the change from a linear economy towards a circular economy.

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