reporting and analytics

Make Gut-Feeling
Data-Backed Decisions.

Track everyday subscription KPIs to oversee your business' growth or dive into the data points to build your own custom metrics. With circuly, you have endless possibilities when it comes to data collection and analysis.
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Illustration of subscription KPIs in a rental business
Illustration of subscription data processing in a rental business

Remain the Owner of Your Own Data and Be GDPR Compliant.

The circuly API is smart and ensures you remain the owner of your customer data by collecting data over your connected shop system and payment service provider.

Illustration of rental data analysis and reporting

Easily Export Data Out of circuly to Analyse It and Be Data-Driven.

The most common and relevant data is available in the circuly dashboard, but if you need to invent your own metrics, you can easily export data out of circuly via webhooks and put it into any tool of your choice.

Illustration of rental KPI like ARR, MRR, churn

Get Actionable High Level Insights in One Place.

When you don't want to be overwhelmed with huge sets of data, simply make use of circle's insight dashboard to keep track of some of the most common subscription KPIs.

Gather the Data You Need to Make the Best Decisions.

"cirucly is like a facebook of every part of the customer journey - all the data is in one place."
Franz Crux
Operations Manager

And When That’s Not Enough, There’s More.

Export Data Points of Your Choice.

When you want to be creative with your data and invent your own custom metrics, flexibily export data points from circuly and work your magic.

Connect Additional Analytics Tools.

Plug the exported data into an analytics tool of your choice. Make your data team happy and keep them occupied with endless data possibilities.

Access High-Level KPI in a Dashboard.

When you are just getting started with a subscription business, stick to the high-level KPIs to keep things simple while still making data-backed decisions.

Identify Revenue Opportunities With Data.

Not every tool understand the logic of rentals but circuly does - get the whole picture and identify revenue opportunities in your data about subscriptions, payments, etc.

Identify the Root Cause of Payment Failures.

Monitor failed payments and the reason behind the failure. circuly shows the failed payment reasons for you to analyse and act upon in one central place.

Know Your Customers.

Making use of the integrated credit check possibility of circuly, you get insights into your customers' credit worthiness and can decide whether to accept them or not.

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Focus On Your Customers - circuly Does the Rest.

Timon Beutel, founder of Strollme
"We had a long list of features for our subscription business and found what we were looking for at circuly. circuly works perfectly with our headless Shopify architecture and enables us to concentrate on our customers."
Timon Beutel

Start Your Subscription Journey With circuly.

Felix Raab
"The circuly team brought in a lot of knowledge about how to set up a solid and scalable subscription model."
Felix Raab

And See How circuly Can Power Your Subscription Business.

Recurring Billing.

Don't just accept recurring payments, automate them and make them smart for rentals.

Asset Tracking.

Never lose track of your assets. With circuly, you always have a 360° overview.

Reporting and Analytics.

Make data-backed business decisions. Your most relevant KPIs and data points compiled in one dashboard.

Recurring Invoicing.

Your customers get an automatically generated invoice for every transaction, making your bookkeeping easy.