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Bugaboo Launched a Subscription Pilot to Advance Their Sustainability Strategy and Achieve Their Business Goals.

Why are high-end manufacturers like Bugaboo trying out new business strategies?
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“circuly took away all the struggles we had in our first rental pilot.”
Rolf Smeding
Director of Business Development

The Overview of Bugaboo Flex.

The Customer.

Bugaboo is a Dutch manufacturer of parental products known for revolutionising the baby stroller industry with their clean design and outstanding quality.

The Challenge.

Driven by the circular economy and their high sustainability ambitions, Bugaboo decided to launch the rental pilot in 2021 but were met with the challenge of making the relaunch less risky, less complex and more scalable.

The Solution.

circuly provided the processes and expertise Bugaboo was missing in their first rental pilot and a flexible subscription operation management solution to build a scalable subscription business.

The Benefit.

Bugaboo overcame the struggles of their first rental pilot and relaunched a new rental pilot with rental-specific processes like credit checks, fraud prevention, reverse logictics etc., that lowered complexities and increased scalability.

4 Months to Launch a New Business Model as a Pilot.

"circuly had everything in place we needed to launch our subscription pilot fast and cost-efficiently."
Rolf Smeding
Director of Business Development

The Rental Business Model Explained.

Bugaboo Flex.

Bugaboo Flex leasing service - Bugaboo Flex is a carefree, flexible and sustainable way of getting access to parenting solutions like Strollers.

Bugaboo has rolled out its new circular rental business model under Bugaboo Flex in partnership with Refurbished Kinderwagens with a selected number of products in its lease fleet. Bugaboo customers can choose to either rent a new stroller or a refurbished one.

By partnering with refurbishers in a particular location Bugaboo can fast-scale to different countries.

"We want to make sure that we can match the needs and preferences of the customer - sometimes they want to buy a product and sometimes they want to rent. And we want to make sure that we can do both.."
Rolf Smeding
Director of Business Development

Launching a Circular Business Model.

Bugaboo's Success Story.

Download the Full Success Story to Learn More About:

  • Bugaboo's learnings from the first rental pilot and the launch of the new pilot.
  • Bugaboo's strategy for success and their expectations with the new business model.
  • How circuly supported Bugaboo in the launch process?
  • Bugaboo's recommendation to companies that want to launch a subscription model.

circuly Makes Subscription Models Easy.

Fast Go-To-Market.

Launch quickly and cost efficiently within just a few months to scale your subscription offer with up to 30% month over month

Minimal Opportunity Costs.

Focus on your core business and let experts help you to launch a subscription model - no internal knowledge and resources required


Reduce the complexity of launching a new subscription business model  with expert support at every step

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