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circuly's Impact Report

Through the report we demonstrate that a Circular Economy requires a transparent way of doing business and through openly communicating our impact we aim to encourage and motivate others to follow.

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Why Launch a Subscription-Based Model?

In this one-pager we highlight the benefits of launching a circular, subscription-based business model and showcase some growth numbers we've collected from our own customers.

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Subscription Business Case Calculator.

Get started by calculating the ROI for your product subscription business. Leverage our expertise with this business case template.

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Success Story: How Stokke Launched a Subscription Pilot in 4 months?

What does it take to launch a new business model and transition the entire company towards circularity? Download the success story to get inspired by Stokke's journey and read more about their expectations with their new rental business.

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circuly E-Paper — End of Ownership.

Together with the online market research company Appinio, circuly conducted a study in July2020 about the awareness and acceptance of mid- and longterm rental offerings. The scope of the study corresponded to a sample of 1000 respondents inGermany aged 16 to 45 years.

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