What is Recurring Invoicing?

A very rewarding aspect of subscription models is recurring payments. Recurring revenue is often seen as a golden goose for subscription businesses. While the idea of continuous cash flow is appealing, it comes with increased operations. If there is a bill there needs to be an invoice. And since for subscription businesses, the payment is split up over numerous months and paid on a recurring basis, an invoice needs to be generated and sent to the customer each time.

Recurring invoicing is a collective term for generating and sending invoices to the customer everytime recurring transactions are being charged. In a subscription business invoices needs to be generated not only for recurring transactions, but also for one-time transactions and refunds.

The sheer volume of invoices to be generated can keep a handful of people busy. Lucky recurring invoice generation can be automated with the help of subscription management softwares.

Additionally invoicing is crucial for bookkeeping and accounting. If your business generates recurring revenue then sooner than later you should think about automating the process of generating invoices and sending them to your customer.

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