How Subscription Companies Overcome Challenges and Grow With circuly.

Learn how our subscription management software designed for product-as-a-service helps companies offering or piloting subscription scale and grow. 

How Subscription Companies Overcome Challenges and Grow With circuly.

On average companies that start fresh with circuly need only 5 months to earn an MRR of 10.000. Additionally, companies that manage their subscription operations with circuly see a 36% increase in growth rate month over month.

What is circuly?

circuly is a subscription management software designed for managing, optimising and scaling physical product subscriptions. In simple words we support businesses that explore product-as-a-service business model with products like bikes, cars, baby goods, consumer electronics (long-term durable products having a lifespan of more than a few months) etc., to manage  their subscription operations in one place. (no excel stuff! no workarounds)

We are focused in the area of physical product subscriptions because we realised that there is no solution out there, specially designed for physical products (and no we don't mean subscription boxes). Any product that can be returned to the vendor and can be repaired and/or refurbished afterwards to be pushed into another rental cycle falls into the category of subscription products that circuly supports.

Subscription operations of physical product subscription companies go beyond recurring revenue management.

‍We’ve worked with our customers to come up with solutions that are specific to the needs of physical product subscriptions and some of these solutions are:

  • Buying like checkout experience
  • Return handling and repair
  • Asset tracking and management
  • Automated billing and invoicing
  • Automated transactional communication
  • A self-service dashboard for customers (similar to digital product subscriptions like Netflix, Spotify etc)
  • Charging one-time trasnactions for damages, speeding tickets etc
  • Processing refunds and automated communication for such processes with the customer.

Who are circuly Customers?

  • Companies that have an existing subscription business - mostly startups who are active in the subscription indsutry and are looking for solutions to scale their operations.
  • Companies that do not have an existing subscription business but want to launch one - mostly e-commerce companies that want to launch a subscription model on top of their regular selling model and need a software solution to make that happen.

Do you fall into one of these categories? Do you want to launch or scale your subscription business? Click here to see what the circuly software can do for you in a free guided DEMO.

How Do Subscription Businesses Start Growing With Circuly?

Honestly speaking, there is no magic or voodoo that takes place when a customer starts managing their subscription operations in circuly. What simply happens is that companies get a solution that is designed for product subscriptions. And once automation replaces manual efforts, not only do the subscription operations run faster, but you save a lot of time wasted in manual operation activities like sending emails, invoices, tracking products in an excel sheet and so on.

Additionally, even though launching a subscription business may feel like a big step, through our experience we've seen that it doesn't have to be. Besides a subscription management tool, we've designed a complete onboarding flow that speeds up the launch process. We take companies by the hand and make the transition smooth.

Our services:

  • A personalised service package
  • Dedicated onboarding and welcome call
  • Our very own knowledge base
circuly makes it easy to launch a product subscription business and grow it

What Challenges Do Subscription Companies Typically Face and How Circuly Overcomes Them?

We talk to tons of subscription companies on a regular basis and all of them tell us the same thing:

  • Checkout page not optimised for conversions - (challenge) according to most studies on e-commerce checkout conversion, a lengthy checkout page is one of the top three reasons for abandonment during checkout and that’s how most subscription companies have their checkout page. (solution) circuly  provides a white label checkout page optimised for conversions. Additionally, companies have the possibility of including additional custom modules (like dropdown, select, text, text area, radio select) that they can use to personalize the checkout page as per their needs and requirements.

  • Subscription operations like billing and invoicing still done manually - (challenge) some of our customer sent manual invoices every month when they started their subscription business. As soon as they reached 50 customers, they realised how time consuming it was to send manual invoices every month. (solution) once a subscription is created, every payment and invoice is taken care of automatically.
  • No dedicated tool for charging one-time transactions and processing a refund - (challenge) besides collecting the monthly subscription amount from the customer there are tons of situations when a company needs to perform additional payment related tasks such as processing refunds (both partial and refund) and charging one-time transactions. PSP are typically not designed to deal with such additional operations. Additionally the process after such operations such as sending an invoicing needs to be automated as well. (solution) circuly makes PSP smart for subscriptions
  • Keeping track of customer, order, asset, payment and subscription data - (challenge) an order is tied to a customer, a subscription is tied to a customer, an asset is tied to a customer and a subscription is tied to a customer. Having all this information is important for tracking your subscription KPIs. Without a dedicated tool, all this information is gathered and stored in different systems making is possible to get a holistic picture. (solution) circuly ties all the data together and keeps it in one system.

circuly supports you to launch and scale your rental business for physical products. Got any challenges? Let's find a solution.

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