How to Leverage Your Rental Checkout Page.

Buying things online for nearly years now has made us accustomed to faster and smoother checkout pages. And customers expect the same from renting. The best renting experiences are the ones that fulfil the customer psychology "I want it fast, and I want it now".

So do me a favour and get rid of "fill the form to get a quote" from your website. Just throw it out of the window (or MacOS. Get it? Window as in Windows?)

No matter how complicated your business process is, your customers don't care about it.

Your customers want your product, and you need more information about your customer. When your prospective customers have made it to the checkout page (congratulations, half the battle is won), they know what to expect. They have to fill in a few important details before they can actually get your product.

Since your customers are already in the process of filling out the

information, why not use some of it to your advantage.

Tips for Leveraging Your Rental Checkout Page

You can do a ton of stuff with your checkout page. Before we dive into more details, let's first look at a rental checkout page for reference.

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What do you see?

A state of the art checkout page for the perfect customer experience.

Now let's dive into what you can do with it and how you can optimize it for your advantage.

➡️ Add Custom Fields and Be Creative With How You Use Them

  • Date picker - use a "date picker" to do the following:
  1. Use it to enhance the renting experience of your customers by providing them with the possibility to pick a possible delivery date (if it aligns with your business of course).
  2. In case your customer needs to pick up the product from a shop, then give them the possibility to select a date for when they would like to come by.
  • Date input field - use a "date input field" do the following:
  1. Use it to collect the date of birth of your customer for credit checks and save yourself from credit fraud.
  2. Use the date input field to create a knowledge base of your customer and send them a birthday greeting to build customer relationships. For example, if you rent out baby strollers, ask for the birthdate of your customer's child and send warm wishes when the baby turns 1 or 2 or 3 (you know what I mean).
  • Text area - use a "text area" input field to do the following:
  1. Let your customers give you additional delivery instructions. Maybe they want to tell you that they have a dog who will scare the shit out of the delivery guy when he rings the doorbell or maybe they want to tell you that their baby is sleeping during the day and they would really appreciate it if the delivery guy doesn't ring the doorbell and wake their cute little monster up.
  2. If it aligns with your business, give your customers the possibility to add special notes along with the product.
  3. With a "text placeholder", you can even create a bit of humour with your customers by filling the "text area" field with creative suggestions like,
"Let us know if the delivery guy should behave like a Ninja in case you have a sleeping baby or a barking dog".

Such creative ideas help leave a positive impression and improve the likelihood of your brand being remembered and recommended.

  • Dropdown - use a "dropdown" field to do the following:
  1. Provide your customers with the possibility to select a title like Mr, Mrs or even Dr (titles are important for most people).
  2. Or perhaps even prefered delivery time like morning, afternoon or evening.
  3. Allow your customers to select between "delivery or pick up" if it fits your business case.
  4. If case you have bundle subscriptions, like baby clothes, then allow your customers to select colour preferences.

➡️ Use Data Collected to Draw Business Conclusions

There's so much you can do with data, once you know what you are looking for and how to get it. Leverage all your resources and be creative with them. A checkout page is not just a checkout page, (well technically it is) but it is also a tool to gather useful insight about your customer and use it to your advantage.

To put it into context let's look at a few examples:

  • Let's suppose you collect titles (Mr, Mrs or Dr) with the dropdown custom field. Collecting this data provides you with more demographical insights about your customers. You can use this information to draw conclusions about your target audience.
  • Additionally, a dropdown field when used for a prefered delivery time (morning, afternoon or evening) can help you stock up as per the most prefered delivery options.
  • Collecting birthdays again gives you more demographical data.


Your starting point is figuring out what additional information will help you improve your product offering. You might or might not need all custom fields. Get on the whiteboard with your team members and brainstorm on what information you need from your customers. Once you know what you need, you can be creative about getting it from your rental checkout page. But remember, you don't wanna scare away your customer at the checkout page. Think of the checkout page as an additional source of getting some information.

The circuly Checkout

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The circuly checkout is a white label solution that provides the possibility to automate the renting operations as soon as the customer lands on the checkout page. It replaces the shop systems’ checkout for seamless customer experience in renting (and buying). It enables you to have:

  • a 100% customisable checkout page,
  • rent & buy cart combination
  • multi-language support
  • real-time credit checks
  • all customer information in your shop system
Maximize your conversions by improving your knowledge about your customer. Do that by leveraging the capabilities of the checkout page

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