Feature Release: Transactional E-Mail Automation

Never miss sending a payment reminder or a return instruction e-mail to your customer. 🚀 Welcome to circuly’s new feature: automated transactional emails. 

Feature Release: Transactional E-Mail Automation

🤯 The Problem: hard to stay on top of all e-mails

In comparison to a traditional selling model, the customer relationship in a rental model is much closer. Your customer is not someone who just makes a one-time purchase - but remains to rent and using your product over a longer period of time. This ‘period of time’, therefore is when he or she has a very close relationship with your brand and your product.

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This ongoing relationship brings many benefits, but like any other relationship in life, it

consumes a lot of time and attention. You’ll need to send invoices to your customer for every recurring transaction. Furthermore, you’ll need to send reminders for failed transactions. And finally, you’ll need to clarify the instructions on how to return the products when the rental period comes to an end. Otherwise, you may not receive your product back - but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

📩 The Implications: work, work, work...

Having to send these masses of e-mails simply is a hell load of work - and requires intense business intelligence to always know which products are in which phase of the rental cycles.

Some rental companies have to hire dedicated personnel whose whole occupation is just that - and I am not talking about marketing e-mails… They usually come on top. And do you really want to keep track of your returning products in an additional calendar where you manually set notifications on what to do when?

Feature Release: Transactional E-Mail Automation

Not sending this information is clearly not an option - as this way the only thing guaranteed will be a customer experience that sucks. The result? Your customers leave.

💡 The Solution: automated transactional e-mails

The only way out of this hell load of manual labor is to automate these transactional e-mails. Luckily, we’ve been preparing for this and can jump in to help.

We set different triggers - from payment reminders to failed transactions or return instructions - that generate 100% adjustable e-mails in your own design. Sending these to customers is easier than tying shoes.

how to do automated emails for rental business

If you’ve read so far, I assume that you want to see things in action. Let’s jump on a quick demo to find out how automating your transactional e-mails can make your life easier.

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