A Dedicated Place for Your Customers to Manage Their Subscriptions.

With the launch of the circuly customer login, we are closer to building the ULTIMATE digital renting experience, making your rental operations run smoothly.

As you already know, we are on a mission to make subscription management for product-as-a-service easy, efficient, fast and scalable.

To do that the first step was to make renting physical products online on a subscription basis as easy as buying them - hence came the circuly checkout.

The second step was to recognise and understand the needs of subscription management for physical products and make all of it possible in one dedicated system - made possible via the circuly operations backend.

And FINALLY to complete the journey and develop a customer centric environment, we’ve released the circuly customer login - a dedicated place for your customers to manage certain parts of their subscriptions.

circuly closes the loop of managing physical product subscriptions with the launch of the customer login.

Like the circuly checkout, the customer login is customisable to fit your brand identity.

Why is a Dedicated Space aka customer login Important?

  • Majority of the consumers today prefer and care about transparency.
  • Takes away some burden off of your shoulders (and operations)
  • Gives the customer the feeling of being in control - a priority among most consumers.
  • Transparency builds trust

Do you recall how easy it is to manage digital subscriptions like Netflix and Spotify? There’s absolutely no need to get in touch with customer support (something all consumers are naturally born to dislike) to change and update things like address, payment info, see past invoices and bills, or even cancel a subscription from time to time. Having the freedom to do all that makes it easier for customers to adopt subscriptions inplace of regular purchase.

Take a look at the image below. This is the customer login area of Netflix where Netflix subscribers can easily manage different parts of their subscription. Providing such a dedicated space is common in most digital subscriptions and is also something that the customers are already used to. On top of that, a dedicated customer login space builds trust, promotes transparency and benefits both the customer and the vendor.

The ease of managing a subscription is exactly what we wanted to bring to physical products subscriptions.

What are the Benefits of the circuly customer login?

Product overview

All product related information bundled and accessible at all times for your customers.

Your customers have an overview of all products rented by them at all times. As long as the customer is using the same email address while subscribing to your products, they can see the details of the product(s) rented by them. Having such information is particularly important in the world of subscriptions as more and more customers are becoming overwhelmed with the sheer amount of subscriptions they have and often forget. We know it’s hard to forget that you have a subscription when there is a physical product actually standing somewhere close to the customer, but it’s better to give the customers a possibility to see what they are subscribed to. As most research suggests, majority of the customers like being in control of their purchases.

Payment and Payment Schedule

Easily accessible previous and upcoming payment cycles with their billing schedule.

An average customer is subscribed to so many products (both digital and virtual) that it’s natural to forget how much something costs. In the customer login, not only can the customer see the price of the product but they can also see all future and past payments, with their payment schedule. Any changes made to the recurring payment amount will also be reflected at the customer facing end promoting transparency and building trust in return.

Downloadable Invoices

Having the possibility to download invoices directly rather than hunting them down in inboxes.

Majority of the state laws across the world mandates the vendor to send an invoice to the customer whenever there is an exchange of money involved. As a result our inbox often contains a whole lot stuff (sometimes even the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything). So rather than hunting for important emails, like invoices, in the inboxes, the customer login makes it possible for the customer to see and download all invoices in one dedicated place. This in turn not only reduces effort on their part but also prevents them for getting in touch with your customer support department and adding to your customer support operations.


Direct communication info that can be viewed in the operations backend.

Raise your hand if you’ve also spent some time fishing for the customer support contact on the internet for XYZ company when you wanted to get in touch with them (we know we’ve done that on multiple occasions). The customer login provides a direct point of contact to your customers by displaying an easily accessible and visible contact information of your choice.

Subscription Status

Possibility to cancel a subscription and check the status of an order

The customer login makes it possible for the customer to “cancel a subscription”.  An average person has at least 2-3 subscriptions and the number just keeps on increasing. The volume of subscriptions these days has put some pressure on companies to comply with consumer protection laws that mandate subscription companies to provide a VISIBLE and ACCESSIBLE cancellation button.


Previous inactive subscription information is also available.

The customers can see all products rented by them, including both active and inactive subscriptions, as long as they are connected to the same email address.

More is coming

We'll continue adding more functionality to the customer login to make physical product subscriptions just like digital subscriptions.

With the launch of the circuly customer login we are another step closer to building the ULTIMATE digital renting experience for the customer and making your rental operations run more efficient.ly

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