start your circular renting business now.

circuly is a holistic software to manage all your renting operations over the complete product life cycle. it's a one-stop solution to start your renting business beside your normal selling operations. circularity made easy - industry agnostically.

what to do when the products come back from renting?

using circuly, you have full control over the whole renting process from renting, refurbishing and logistics. we help you set up your refurbishing operations to get your circular renting model started.

renting is a whole new topic for you?

no problem! using circuly, you are able to set up a second circular renting mainstay within a day - no risk and no initial investment. the circuly software covers the whole renting lifecycle from initiating rentals, managing all orders to keeping track of products that come back from renting.

what does working with circuly look like?

keep the overview of your rental business.

track the important KPIs to your rental business on unique ID basis and never loose track of your business metrics.

easy implementation into existing systems.

circuly works like a Plugin but is no plugin - we want you to have a 100% reliable software, that is not dependent on regular updates. That is why we simply connect via API with your existing shop system - be it Shopify, Magento, Shopware ... you name it. We support the most common ones.

why start a circular renting model?

grow your business with a better environmental impact by allowing multiple uses of one and the same product.

strengthen your market position.

first-mover advantage in the market to capitalize on new, disrupting business model.

customer retention.

get new predictable recurring revenue from subscribers and reduce your CAC.


keeping the ownership of products answers the social demand for sustainability.

revenue and profitability.

increase your revenue and profitability by increasing your margins (up to 5x).

access a new customer segment.

attract new customer segments like millennials and engage them in the long run.


offer your Product-as-a-Service and increase your service-based revenue up to 40%.

a business case.

renting out a kids stroller.

classic selling model.

cost of good


once sold


gross margin


circular business model.

cost of good


can be rented 3x

3 x 500€

gross margin


circuly is already helping a baby goods retailer to increase their gross margins using our software to rent out stroller.

want to learn more about circuly?

interested in discussing the best renting business model strategy with us? contact us immediately!

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