circuly for enterprises.

the turn-key solution to launch and scale your product subscription.

circuly is the go-to solution to pilot or scale your product subscription business.
We provide a turn-key solution that suits your needs.

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the right time is now.

product subscriptions are booming.

don't miss the trend.

Disruptive startups have taken the lead and are driving and growing the subscription market - e.g. startups growing 20% on a month over month basis.

Customers want to use and not own.

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don't be too slow.
(and try to build it yourself)

Reinventing the wheel was never a smart thing to do anyway. Custom development to build a software means setting up and staffing a whole team internally, briefing them to develop a software - that might take years and plus/minus a few milion to develop.

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why circuly.

turn-key solution to launch and scale your product subscription.

why circuly.

fast and cost-efficient launch.

Jump on the subscription wagon now. circuly provides a fast way to meet the rapidly growing demand for sustainable consumption. Don't make the mistake of trying it on your own. It's expensive.

Launch and scale your own subscription business for your products - directly from your existing e-commerce shop or we build up a new one together from scratch for your dedicated project.

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why circuly.

full-service for your launch.

We know what is important when launching and operating a subscription business - and we take you by the hand - step by step.

From subscription management, recurring billing, asset tracking to return handling - circuly is the all-in-one platform to manage your new business model.

Our customer services assists you when building up your subscription model. Also, you have access to our extensive knowledge loop where we teach you how to make the most out of circuly.

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you are in good company.

get inspired by other circuly customers.

how to launch.

what you need to get started.

how to launch.

an e-commerce shop and a payment service provider.

Seriously. That's all you need to get started.

You can either connect circuly directly to your existing e-commerce shop or we support you in building up a new dedicated shop for your product subscription.

We have plenty of integrations ready - if we do not yet have the one you need, contact sales for a quote.

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how to launch.

continue using tools you love.

circuly seamlessly integrates with your existing tech stack - that makes us unique on the market.

So, keep your warehouse management tools, bookkeeping tools, resource planning tools and so on.

learn more about the product.
how to launch.

launch like a pro.

"How do I make sure my customers can pay the monthly fees?"
"How do I insure my products against misusage or theft?"
"How should I refurbish and repair my products that come back?"
... are questions we hear a lot. Here are the answers.
why launch.

why start a circular renting model?

strengthen your market position.

First-mover advantage in the market to capitalize on new, disrupting business model.

customer retention.

Get new predictable recurring revenue from subscribers and reduce your CAC.


Keeping the ownership of products answers the social demand for sustainability.

revenue and profitability.

Increase your revenue and profitability by increasing your margins (up to 5x).

access a new customer segment.

Attract new customer segments like millennials and engage them in the long run.


Offer your product-as-a-Service and increase your service-based revenue up to 40%.


a business case.

Renting out a baby stroller - baby goods rental

classic selling model.

cost of good


once sold


gross margin


circular business model.

cost of good


can be rented 3x

3 x 500€

gross margin


circuly is already helping a baby goods retailer increase their gross margin using our software to rent out stroller.


open questions?

do you provide a turn-key solution?

Yes. Our goal is to support you to launch your subscription model fast and cost-efficient. You can build it on your existing e-commerce shop, or we support you with our partners to set up a separate e-commerce shop. Let's discuss what you need and where we can support you.

how does circuly work with our SAP and logistics?

Long story short -  you can continue using it, as you are using it now. We came up with a pretty clever way to make it happen. Whatever it is - SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, ... be our guest and continue with what you've already invested in. Happy to explain more in a 1:1 conversation.

how to integrate circuly?

circuly works like a plugin for shop systems (CMS) but is no plugin - that is why we can easily integrate with any shop system in no time. Contact us for a free demo and we show you how easy you can set up circuly.

can I use my existing shop / do i have to use it?

Absolutely - we know how much effort and hard work went into your shop, so you should keep it as is. We simply dock on to your API and connect our software to it. You can keep everything in place as is. If you want to run the subscription business on top of your regular business and don't want to divert resources, money and time of your e-commerce or tech team to a subscription project, we support you in setting up a separate e-commerce shop by connecting you with our partners.

what level of compliance does circuly support?

We are a German company, so we know what matters. Our servers are hosted GDPR compliant in the EU and in Germany - and this is also how we treat your customer data.

is the software available in different languages?

Oh yes - you can use circuly in almost any language. This includes for example English, German, Dutch, French, Italian, Norwegian ... and so on.


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