we make your web shop smart for rentals.

the circuly software provides the perfect customer-centric and seamless renting experience for your customers. explore the features!

provide a seamless rental experience to your customers.

the circuly customer login comes white-labeled to enable your customer to manage their rentals - be it an upgrade, downgrade or extension of the rental period. All within seconds.

keep an overview of your business KPIs in one software.

always know how well you are performing by combining order data, payment data and customer data in one analytics and management software.

use the circuly check-out
for online rentals.

adjust our white-label checkout for online rentals to your needs. Recurring payments are installed automatically and credit checks on your customers can be performed in real time.

15+ supported shop systems & payment gateways.

we integrate with your existing systems and payment service providers to give you the biggest freedom possible.


and everything you ever wanted to know about circuly.

how to integrate circuly?

circuly works like a plugin for shop systems (CMS) but is no plugin - that is why we can easily integrate with any shop system in no time. Contact us for a free demo and we show you how easy you can set up circuly.

can I use my existing shop?

Absolutely - we know how much effort and hard work went into your shop, so you should keep it as is. We simply dock on to your API and connect our software to it. You can keep everything in place as is.

which CMS does circuly work with?

We currently support Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, and Shopware. If you have another CMS, let us know and we find a way!

which payment service providers circuly supports?

So far, we support Stripe, Braintree, PayPal, Molly, SEPA, ideal, PayOne, GoCardless, Heidelpay (Unzer) - and we are constantly expanding our portfolio.

is the software available in different languages?

Oh yes - you can use circuly in almost any language. This includes for example English, German, Dutch, French, Italian, Norwegian ... and so on.

can we adjust the checkout to our design?

Absolutely! Every customer-facing element of the circuly software can be easily adjusted to your website style - be it font, sizing, color, etc. We ensure that your customer has a perfect rental journey.

is circuly taking care of the invoicing?

Yes. Together with the Payment Service Provider of your choice, we make sure that your customer and your bookkeeping department get all monthly invoices and transactions automatically.

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