a customer journey in a renting business.

the circuly software provides the perfect customer-centric and seamless renting experience for your customers. explore the features!

step 2

let your customer manage all subscription related topics himself in the customer login where he can see rented and bought products at the same time.

step 4

rent out your products again and collect further recurring payments.

step 1

rent out your products and collect recurring payments from your customers with a simple integration in your CMS.

step 3

manage your renting operations and keep track of all your business KPIs and your products that are rented out, come back from rental or are in refurbishment.

circuly features.

features of the circuly customer check-out:

order confirmation tracking.

keep your checkout process as it is. Our simple code integration picks up all data form the success page and does not require you to make any changes on your checkout.

rent and buy cart combination.

your cart function will be able to do both: rent and purchase. We enable your shop system's cart function to display and process both product rental and product purchase.

recurring payments installation.

save yourself the trouble with recurring payments. Our simple integration allows your customers to easiliy initiate recurring payments.

features of the circuly customer login:

profile management for customers.

effortlessly provide your customers with a personal login to your shop. Your customer can check their subscriptions, edit personal information, download invoices and see the order history.

order returns.

make order returns and reverse logistics a piece of cake. We empower your customers to access return instructions at any given moment and enable them to generate their own return labels.

product purchases at the end of rental.

enable your customers to easily purchase their favourite rented products. If your customer decides to keep a rented product he can directly purchase it in the customer login area.

features of the circuly subscription management:

order and subscription management.

keeping an overview of your rented products is finally made easy. Our backend provides you with a sleek overview of all orders (current and past). You can manually or automatically activate recurring payments or add orders from within our backend.

analytics dashboard.

stay on top of your data. Access and control all of your metrics, whether from finance, marketing or other areas.

invoice management.

be in control of your recurring invoicing. You can design different invoice templates and simply push them to the respective customer profiles.

pricing module.

find out how you can make your rental business work. Calculate monthly rates and prices which make your business profitable.

recurring payments.

stay informed about every single payment. We enable recurring payments from start to finish. Enjoy a compact view of all payment flows.

credit checks.

minimize fraud rates through integrated credit checks. We determine your customers' ability to pay, within seconds. Results are accessible to you at any given time.

refurbishing status.

keep track of all refurbishing cycles in your business. You're committed you refurbishing your products? Great! We provide you with the means to successfully plan and perform refurbishments.

inventory and asset management.

track and manage your products history to directly allocate revenues and costs. Understand the profitability or every single product and never miss out on any product and product detail.

customer management.

individually manage your customers. Check and edit your customers' order histories, profile details, invoices and dunnings in no time.

circuly integrations.

the world is changing fast and so are we. at the moment we support the following integrations - but we are constantly working on more.

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