Feature Release: To-Do Page.

A new feature is up and running! Stay on top of your daily tasks that require immediate attention and action with our new to-do page functionality. This will help you stay focused on what really matters to your customers, whilst making sure nothing slips through and gets lost. 🚀

🤯 The Problem: A lot of critical daily tasks to accomplish

The fruitful long-term relationship that is promised with a rental or subscription business is mainly due to the closely tied customer relationship that you’ll have to build and maintain. This is something gratifying but also comes with a certain degree of complexity - like anything worth building. If you imagine all the possible incidents that can occur in just a single day, you will soon be crafting a long mental list of responsibilities. Reaching from deliveries and returns that need to be done, to product swaps, upgrades, and sometimes also payment errors that you must deal with.

High volumes of various tasks can cause confusion and ultimately make you forget a lot of stuff - especially if there is no system or structure that tracks what needs to be done. This can cause immediate financial pain on your side if for some reason the last payment didn't go through - thus leaving you there with less money on your account than you should have. To a larger extent, it can become even more crucial, especially if on the other side a customer is waiting for his new product that never arrives - or has to wait for ages for a swap. This is not the customer experience you want to provide if you’re aiming to build a scalable successful subscription business.

📩 The Implications: a sinking ship

You as a human are simply not made to memorize everything and remember each detail. Especially in terms of multiple to-dos, this might seem nearly impossible anyways. Assume that your business is built like a ship that’s swimming in the ocean. There is no need to explain what happens if you got holes in the hull which cause water to leak in. We’ll say it anyway: at some point, it will sink.

Overseeing tasks that are important, and especially important to your customers, can be seen as such holes. You should ideally avoid them at all costs, meaning that you should create an environment of full transparency and remain in control of your responsibilities.

Now you might say, why not just use a simple to-do list on paper or an excel spreadsheet?

In that case, we’d like to welcome you to try it out. If you can manage to handle this with more than 10 customers then you surely must be one of a kind. Common sense tells us: the more customers you’ll have to deal with when growing your business, the more tasks you’ll have to do. Meaning, the scalability of a business is not easy to accomplish with provisional or even completely manual solutions. Scaling is the last thing you’ll be able to think of if most of your time is being consumed by monitoring manually what you have to do. I mean honestly… as the owner or managing director of a business, your daily list of responsibilities is so long that it’s likely to cause headaches to others, right? But don’t worry, Aspirin is in the range of vision.

💡 The Solution: automated reminders for your tasks

If something is critical for maintaining high customer satisfaction and requires immediate action, then one should be aware of it, right? That’s precisely why we’ve developed an easy-to-use to-do page for you. This will keep you up to date in real-time about any incident and customer request concerning different aspects of your business. To make things easier, we’ve introduced labels that distinguish between different components of your business such as Orders, Subscriptions, Payments, Customer Interactions, and Returns.

With the help of these, our software has your back and reminds you of your daily jobs to be done to keep things running smoothly.

If you’ve read so far, I assume that you want to see things in action. Let’s jump on a quick demo to find out how the to-do page can help you trigger payments and handle product returns and repairs as fast and easy as it can be.

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