Feature Release: Advance Filter and Tags.

😣 The Problem: way too many columns in the order list

In order to take some important decisions or to sometimes keep an overview of things, one has to often look at data and make sense of it. One of course needs to know what one is looking for but whether one sees it or not is a whole other story.

A typical problem while looking at data for a defined reason is that often there is too much clutter and too many fields fighting with each other to grab your attention. Maybe all you want to see, for example, is what are your active subscriptions for the month of July, what is the amount associated to it and what is the email ID and you don't want to see or pay any attention to the order ID, order date, customer ID or any other such information as a matter of fact.

One solution could be to train your eyes to only look at information that is relevant to your needs (I know that's crazy that why in circuly there is an alternate solution).


🙈 The Implications: crouched down on the keyboard with eyes fixed on the screen

We've all been in this situation - the situation when you are crouched down on your keyboard (like Gollum from Lord of the Rings), with your eyes fixed on the screen looking for the information that you need. I don't know about you but for me it often just means backache at the end of the day. On top of that not finding what you're looking for is probably a far worse feeling than the backache you just got because of treating your laptop like YOUR PRECIOUS!


🥳 The Solution: Advance filter and tags

Introducing (drum rolls please 🥁) advance filter and tags. As long as you know what you are looking for in the order list you can find it in circuly. You can even slim down the column by simply checking them off and letting your eyes see what you want. It's called "Advance" filter because the circuly subscription management software enables you to have multiple filter options, enabling you to get super SUPER (no, the two "super's" are not a typo) customised results.


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