Specification of Services (EN)

circuly enables companies to rent out their products instead of just selling them, thus bringing sustainability to e-commerce. 

With our subscription management software for physical products, we support young companies in optimizing and scaling existing rental models and help established companies to build new, circular business models as a second mainstay.  

Our software is a white label solution that creates a customer-centric rental experience along the entire value chain of the rental model. Starting with the conclusion of a rental agreement, the set-up of recurring payments, the self-service by the end consumer up to the administration and tracking of all products as well as the integration of logistics service providers and financing partners in the backend. We make circular business models easy.

Customer Check-Out

the circuly check-out helps to convert visitors to subscribers. Regardless of if you are using common ecommerce shops like Shopify and Magento or need your own fast sign-up for subscription customers - circuly allows your customers to sign up quickly and provides a fully customized and seamless path to their recurring payments. 

  • Fast sign-up for subscribers: circuly provides the interface towards end-consumer and enables the closing of subscription contracts on the customers own website (url) if you don’t use an e-commerce shop.
  • API for common E-commerce Shops: use your ecommerce software (shopify, magento, etc.) as you always do - we take it from there (precisely from “rent now” button onwards)
  • Recurring Payments: circuly integrates your Braintree API to provide seamless customer payment experience in the checkout process.  

Customer Self-Service

provide a fully customized customer-centric self service to your subscriber base and allow your customer to manage their contracts while taking manual labor off your shoulders. 

  • Active Order Management: end consumer can see status, plan, price and renting period of products and can easily self-manage the rentals (report damage, return, buy, swap, extend)
  • Order Overview: end consumer can see all active, inactive and cancelled rentals, access the respective invoices 
  • Customer Profile: end consumer can edit personal information like delivery address, payment details and manage other subscription and security topics

Subscription Order Management 

with the circuly subscription order management you can manage all relevant information and actions about your inventory and subscriber base at one place. 

  • Dashboard: you can access finance, marketing and operation KPIs connected to your subscription business 
  • Order Management: administrate your existing and manually add new orders to your system 
  • Product & Inventory Management: manage your product assortments (also product history) and create unique product IDs to track your products. products can be assigned for renting and prices can be set for the end-consumer. 
  • Customer Management: see order history per customer, manually edit details in customer profiles and place orders for customers, bulk-download invoices and manage dunnings.