launch and scale your car subscription business

Manage your subscriptions, recurring payments and track all your assets in one place. Scale your car subscription business through circuly's sophisticated digital infrastructure.

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circuly car subscription management
why circuly

a seamless customer journey for your car subscription business

circuly makes subscribing to a product  just as easy as buying one online.
Give your customers a digital experience when subscribing to your products.

hosted checkout page

A seamless onboarding experience for your customers - directly integrated into your online shop.

  • adjustable design

  • conversion optimised

  • rent and buy cart combinations

  • customisable input fields

circuly hosted checkout
circuly customer self-service

hosted customer self-service

Your customers can freely manage their subscriptions, see their orders, products and invoices.

  • adjustable design

  • directly integrated into your shop

  • customer can report damages, request returns, or get in contact

  • customers can download invoices, change addresses and payment details

circuly operations backend

your central place to manage the car subscritpion model.

  • subscription management

  • recurring payments & billing

  • transactional communication

  • asset tracking & management

  • return handling & repairs

circuly operations backend
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launch and scale your
car subscription business

circuly covers all important aspects of a car subscription software.

circuly credit check subscriptions

integrated credit checks

With integrated real-time credit checks you can make sure your customer meets creditworthiness criteria.

circuly flexible payments subscription

increase flexibility in payments

You need to charge speeding tickets or overuse of milage packages? And of course the monthly usage fee. All possible right form within circuly.

circuly dealer structure subscriptions

operate in dealership structure

Get your dealers on board and help them monitize their fleets - they can directly work in circuly or you administrate the subscription model for them.

circuly subscription cost tracking

car tracking & cost tracking

Track your cars on number plates to know how often one car already has been rented out, what revenue it generated and what cost occured due to cleaning and repairs.

circuly subscription communication

automate customer communication

Keep your customer informed about their current subscription status - from order confirmation, monthly invoices, to extra invoices for speeding tickets or return instructions.

success story

how circuly helps
car subscription companies scale.

circuly helps car subscription company aboDeinauto scale their revenues.

With circuly, aboDeinauto scales up its existing consumer-centric car subscription business 120% in the first month.

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"With circuly, we are able to run our complex subscription model smoothly while staying flexible in our choice of CMS. Its simple “plug-and-play” solution and integration helped us to quickly introduce a new checkout experience to our customers, easily managed by us."

aboDeinauto circuly car subscription software
Victor de Maziere,
Operations at aboDeinauto
ready, set, go!

made to scale with you

circuly helps companies to launch and scale their product subscription business
with an av. revenue growth of 36% month over month.

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benefit from our native integrations

We integrate with your existing shop systems and payment service providers to give you the biggest freedom possible.

circuly Subscriptions Microsoftcirculy Subscriptions Shipcloudcirculy Subscriptions Management SAPcirculy Subscriptions Google Analyticscirculy Subscriptions Hubspotcirculy Subscriptions Klaviyocirculy Subscription Management

sync your data across your systems

If you  want to connect to tools you are already using, you can use our pre-built integrations or web hooks to connect circuly with dozens of common systems - from marketing and sales tools like Klaviyo or Shipcloud to ERP and accounting platforms like SAP and Infor M3.

circuly global subscription management

think global from day one

Scale your subscription model to multiple countries and scale. circuly supports international payment gateways, various currencies and languages.

circuly - expert in product subscription management

leverage our expertise

Our team brings expertise in e-commerce, logistics, ERP and payment gateways - we have seen a lot and are always happy to share  best practices. With our industry insights circuly supports in project management so successfully launch your subscription model while aligning all stakeholders involved.

the circuly ecosystem

a strong partner network

circuly provides you with access to various ressources that support in launching and scaling your car subscritpion business.

launch like a pro

getting started with car subscriptions

circuly offers support along your whole project:
from launch to scale - from stand-alone pilot to a fully integrated rollout.

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how to launch a product subscription?

We've supported multiple companies in launching and scaling a monthly subscription business from scratch. One thing we can say with absolute surety is that launching a product subscription doesn't have to be complicated.

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