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Experience growth for your baby goods subscription business by automating and scaling your subscription operations with circuly.

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how other baby goods subscription companies use circuly.

we understand subscription management for baby good  companies.

flexible subscription start date.

We know you want to give your customers the flexibility of booking their subscription product now and pay later or start the subscription in future. circuly gives you the flexibility of editing subscription start date and keeping your customers happy, satisfied and with you for a long time.

rent and buy enabled in the same checkout flow.

We understand that you want to offer your customers the possibility of not only subscribing to your products but also adding additional products that they might need, thus creating upsell opportunities for you.

The circuly white label checkout makes it possible for your customers to do both - buy and rent at the same time to increase your cross- and upsell potential.

no calendar reminders - fully automated workflows.

With circuly you have to never worry about setting a calendar reminder. Once a subscription has been created the workflows thereafter are automated and run like clockwork. When your customers are close to their subscription end date, they will get automated trasnaction communication email about the return process.

When subscriptions are active, invoices are generated and sent to the customer completely automated, without any manual effort from your side.

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circuly white label checkout.

build the perfect checkout flow for a seamless customer experience.

Don’t kill your conversions by making your customers go through a lengthy product form. Instead give them the ultimate one-click checkout experience.

white label checkout.

Provide your customers with a seamless onboarding experience when subscribing to your products.

Subscriptions make baby goods acquisition a modern digital experience. And that requires a fast and conversion-optimised checkout.

circuly eliminates the complexity and helps you build e-commerce like checkout flow that your customers ultimately expect.

integrated credit checks.

The circuly checkout provides a build-in credit check solution in real-time. So you know directly if you want to accept a customer or not.

Your customers will already be pre-checked before you accept them as your subscription customers - to prevent costly chargebacks or fraud.

own your checkout flow.

Style the checkout to fit your design and brand identity to create an extraordinary customer journey where your customers feel at home.

stock validation at checkout.

Let your customers know when a product is out of stock and stop them from proceeding to the payment page.

When you prefer to keep it flexible, simply disable the stock validation - that's what we call flexibility.
recurring payments.

your baby goods subscription needs more than just a recurring payment solution.

When it comes to recurring payments for subscriptions, PSPs like Stripe and Braintree, can't do a lot more besides collecting payment from the customers on a fixed date. What PSPs are missing are subscription specific tasks such as charging one-time payments, automated invoicing and so on.

automate recurring payments.

circuly automates recurring payments and ensures that your customers pay their recurring fees.

process refunds.

You want to refund your customer? Easily done in circuly with just a few clicks.

automate invoice generation.

For every payment (both recurring and one-time) an invoice is generated automatically enabling you to stay on top of your bookkeeping.

change recurring payments.

Easily change the monthly recurring amount for your product when your customer change their subscription plan.

charge one-time transactions.

Charge one-time transactions for damages, reapair, and invoice the costs to your clients automatically.
subscription management.

all your data in one place.

All your customer, order, product, payment and subscription data is stored in one place.  With our unique API solution all the data gets pushed and stored back into the connected shop system and payment service provider.
By doing this we make sure that you are the owner of all your data.

GDPR compliant

circuly API.

You have additional information that is relevant to your business and use other tools? Use our API to get the relevant data from A to B.

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You use other state of the art software solutions to run your business? Use our Zaps to get synchronised  data between your tools.

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read more in our blog.

In our blog you find helpful articles around the topic of rentals and product subscriptions.
transactional communication.

keep your customers informed at all times without manual effort.

Customers love to be kept in the loop and hate it when they see an unknown charge on their credit card. But that’s not how we do things at circuly.
With the automated transactional communication e-mails you can make the most out of your close customer relationship in a subscription model.

automated email triggers.

From "order confirmation" e-mails, and "your monthly invoice" e-mails to "your subscription is ending soon" - never worry about writing emails manually again once you've set up the email templates.

automated email for subscription operations.

Your customer are always kept in the loop. For operations like charging one-time transactions, refunding your customer or changing recurring payment; emails are sent automatically with zero effort from your side.

customisable email templates.

All e-mail templates are 100% customisable in content and styling as well as email settings, like subject lines, variables (such as customer name, address, order ID etc.).

no more manual work.

Set the emails once and forget about them. Your customer gets an automated email for the most common transactional activities like monthly invoices, one-time payments, subscription end and so on.
returns and repairs.

special to physical product - they come back - we know.

Physical products - cars, baby stroller, bikes or consumer electronic - all have their own specifiactions of being returned - but all have the same logic: it needs to be repaired and it needs to put back in stock for the next customer to rent it again. This is where circuly shines.

digital product return.

No calendar reminder or workaround solutions.

You don’t have to remember when your products come back because circuly does that for you. circuly automates product returns and the workflows thereafter - from automatically ending a subscription to pushing the product back in stock of your online shop.

digital product repair.

The digital repair process guides you in answering important repair questions and associate the necesssary repair costs to the product so that you can keep track of important subscription specific metrics even on a product level.

build for team of all sizes.

Is one person handling all the subscription operations? Or do you have a team of 10 or 100 people handling very specific things? It doesn’t matter as circuly keeps everyone on the same page.
launch and scale like a pro.

the subscription ecosystem.

Keep your existing tech stack and simply connect your shop system and payment service provider with circuly - you can build your custom ecosystem around it.

create your custom tech stack.

circuly is API driven - meaning that you can keep your existing tools you've invested in and add circuly on top to level up your subscription operations.
"How do I make sure my customers can pay the monthly fees?"
"How do I insure my products against misusage or theft?"
"How should I refurbish and repair my products that come back?"
... are questions we hear a lot. Here are the answers.
case study.

baby stroller subscription with StrollMe + tools used by them.

read the case study.see StrollMe' checkout page.

We had a long list of features for our subscription business and found what we were looking for at circuly. circuly works perfectly with our headless Shopify architecture and enables us to concentrate on our customers.

Timon Beutel, Co-founder

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