product lifecycle management.

renting out products is cool, but what to do with the products when they come back?
circuly provides the whole solution for a circular business model with the product lifecycle management module that can be used to capture valuable product data from repairs and refurbishments over the extended product life cycle.

digitize your refurbishing operations.

still working with pen and paper? Digitize your refurbishing process and never lose valuable product data again.

capture valuable product data.

the data your product generates over a life cycle is far too valuable to have it handled by third parties. Capture and own the data yourself.

enabling the management of product along its whole life cycle.

manage your physical products during and after your renting periods.

data collection interface.

make it easy to capture all data which is normally only documented manually and archived after the finished refurbishment or repair process.

asset management.

administrate all assets in stock, their rest-prices and order histories.


handle the administration of all sold items from your assets.

the benefits.

save manual labor.

facilitate the refurbishing process by digitalizing the inventory control.

business intelligence.

capitalize on all data available on your product along the whole life cycle.

all data in one place.

always have an overview of all data important to your business operations.

sounds great! what's the next step towards circularity?

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