April 27, 2020

A partnership based on mutual values

There are two main drivers that fuel renting business models. The rising awareness of sustainable consumption and consumer behavior following that premise resulting in the “access over ownership” mindset. Dutch Startup Yumii leverages just that by offering baby layettes for rent, providing an eco-friendly and cost-saving alternative for young parents.  

“The core lies at adjusting how people interact with consuming tangible stuff”

Baby products are expensive. And unfortunately, babies grow out of the layette faster than you can see. The products are only used for a few months (!) and then end up in the storage room, cellar, on the second-hand market, or as trash. I bet you have the same thought in your mind now like I do; it’s like firing the oven with €100 banknotes. You’re right. But still, it’s common practice. 

“We want to offer an alternative that is better for the parents and for the environment”, 

says Yumii Founder Arnout Ulenberg. Yumii, a Startup that is currently part of the Utrecht inc. Validation Program is renting out layette including baby strollers and baby beds. Their purpose is to make the world more sustainable by offering an alternative way of consuming products. 

A circular renting business model.

Yumii focuses on the reuse of refurbished baby products according to the circular principles of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. The potential behind such a circular business model is far greater than just that. Yumii collects valuable product usage data over the entire period of use that could be applied by manufacturers to circular product design. "This makes Yumii enormously scalable, and comes with the potential to make the entire value chain more sustainable," says Arnout.

Outline of a circular economy by Ellen MacArthur Foundation

A partnership based on mutual values.

Yumii is seeking collaborations with companies that share the same values - not letting resources go waste. This is why the company decided for circuly as the partner of choice enabling their circular renting business. “By working with circuly we can provide a seamless renting experience towards our customers. For example, they can easily rent our products via the webshop and manage their orders themselves via the customer log-in. These are valuable features that allow us to scale our business”, says Arnout. 

Now is the perfect timing to launch a circular renting business.

Every crisis is also an opportunity. Now, more than ever, people want to save money where possible. “With a Yumii Subscription, parents are not required to cough up a high up-front investment to ensure their baby is raised safely” according to Arnout.